The platforms to innovate

Creating the technical platforms. Powering journeys around the world.

A new arrival

The Amadeus Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE) unit brings together development and operation teams around the DevOps concept. We build and operate end-to-end platforms with automated integration and deployment capabilities, improving our developers' productivity, but also our operational performance. We're a new technology division with a global presence, and opportunities to take off in different directions. Combined with the ambition to streamline, simplify and improve the whole travel industry.

Creating the platforms

The decisions we make now - choosing our core technologies, embracing automation, or exploring containerization & virtualization - will provide the base for system integration and faster product release cycles. We’ll give our teams and our customers new opportunities to think differently, we’ll inspire fresh impetus in the drive to transform travel experiences and we will create platforms for the future. We’re the engine holding global travel together.

The future of TPE

As a new division we’re working on creating a true platforms unit with a top-notch environment. By inspiring product and customer innovation we can set a new standard for global multi-cloud operations. The future of travel demands integrated thinking and agile platforms that Amadeus applications can use to deliver robust systems quickly and efficiently. Our values are a reflection of our determination to maintain the high-performance momentum.


Service availability, security & quality


Fast time to service & integrated applications


Competitive rates for our customers

A look inside

The streamlined way that you can search, book and board flights, trains, ferries and hotels. The runway for ideas, improvements and recommendations. Work here covers a range of programming languages (C, C++, Java, Shell, Perl, Python...) and a significant contribution to Open Source technologies (OpenShift, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Hadoop...). We work together to build platforms that have staying power, and will influence the future of travel as we know it. Whether it’s developing, testing, operating or problem solving, you’ll be getting ideas off the ground.